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Originally Posted by Armchair View Post
So you have little to no experience with piston port and early reed valve 2 stroke motors?

BTW, the price is for a plug and play carb, no trial period of selecting the idle jet, main jet, slide, needle, etc. to get the bike to run correctly.
yep, no experience at all.
just put these on in the last 2 months.
32mm on 200cc bultaco
36mm on 2 different 250cc bultaco
34mm on 175 can-am (rotax)
36mm on 250 husky

there's no such thing as a plug and play carb. there's so many variables. sure it might be close out of the box, but most likely you will still need to jet.

i'd have to look, but i still think 30mm is small for 360cc..i am not a believer in bigger is better, i'm not saying go bigger just randomly. we don't know if it's a stock motor with stock jets,reed and pipe. we don't know elevation and temperature. there is no hard and fast rule for what carb size will work best. i have on occasion gone with a smaller than stock carb if original carb was obviously too big, and i wanted to get more intake velocity. i do realize it's a trail bike that may have been restricted a bit with carb size...

and vintage iron i believe is charging $199 (unless it's a typo) according to their site, and it appears to be a stock jetted carb for that price. that's more than DOUBLE the going rate. i got nothing against vintage iron, i just think that's ridiculous pricing. even hugh's bultaco (not known for being cheap) will sell pre-jetted (foir your model) mikuni's for $150ish. that's with a non standard slide and needle. i don't buy them pre-jetted to someone else's guesstimation. i buy them stock jetted and go from there. maybe vintage iron has done some research and figured what works best for a dt360 - but i seriously doubt it. there's just not a lot of people changing carbs on a model as uncommon as this. i have worked on several rt-3's and know that they're set up goofy stock.
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