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Originally Posted by Kai Ju View Post
"I was annoyed by the loss of fuel capacity, to get the tank full I had to compress the silly thing by hand so I could pull the nozzle out far enough to fill all the way and still have the pump run."

That's what the tool is designed to do. It holds the boot back for you so that you can actually top the tank off.
It just makes it easier.
I've used mine for about two years now and when we go on group rides my buddies always ask me where I got it and if they could have one. That's why I decided to start making them for sale.
Okay that makes perfect sense, the pictures above showed the pump nozzle all the way in, essentially having little effect.

If the tool will hold the boot compressed so you can pull the nozzle out to top off then its a great idea.

Acting just as a washer like in the picture, meh

I'm going to write a letter to the Governor now, explaining that their recovery nozzle reduces tank capacity for us and therefore requires us to fuel up more often, causing more chances of releasing dangerous fuel vapours into the atmosphere.

Perhaps a motorcycle adapter can be supplied at each gas station. It would have to be nothing more than an extenstion to the existing vapour recovery boot to reduce the effective nozzle length.

come to think of it, we had a vapour recovery system here for a short period of time, it was nothing more than an accordian hose attached to the existing pump, and it did in fact reduce the effective nozzle length.
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