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The weather had turned from rain to wind as I waited for the ferry to arrive. Watching the caption dock the ferry in high winds was amazing. He made it look like this was an everyday thing – guess it probably is.

About halfway through the ferry crossing my damp riding gear starting to feel dry. As luck would have it, this is also when it started raining. But, it was not just rain, it was hard rain with strong winds. Oh yeah, I just love this stuff – it reminded me of the hour or two I waited for a ferry in Terra del Fuego, Argentina – same stuff, rain and wind.

Luckily, there was a hotel just a block or two from the terminal in St Barbe. Pulling up to the hotel, my heart sank as I saw the line of people trying to book a room. I had heard that other hotels are in the area, but the last thing I wanted was to spend the night, in the rain and wind, looking for a hotel room or putting up a tent. I got the last room in the place! I felt a little sorry for the five people standing behind me but they had cars so I didn't feel that bad.

The rain and wind stopped in the early morning. I decided to have a nice breakfast before heading out to L'Anse aux Meadows – Leif Ericson's home away from home.

L'Anse aux Meadows

Original Workshop Site

This sight was discovered by Heldg and Anne Ingstad. These two has been exploring the area for years looking for Viking settlements and finally found this one in 1960. The settlement was occupied around 990-1030 AD. Today, the site is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Reconstructed Viking Encampment

Turf Wall

Iron Processing

Viking Artifacts

Turf House

Turf House Bedroom

It was early afternoon when I left L'Anse aux Meadows and started riding south. While riding, I kept seeing road signs that said moose are in the area. The park rangers at L'Anse aux Meadows told me this was day two of moose hunting season and that not only should I keep an eye out for moose, but the hunters would be out in force too. If they are anything like the hunters in the US, I should be more worried about them then the moose!

The last 5 miles or so before I reached Rocky Harbour were the worse. It was getting dark and every mile or so was a sign about how many accidents had occurred this year due to moose or deer. Lucky, I didn't see a single moose or a deer the whole time I was in Newfoundland. It's not that I don't want to see these animals, I just prefer not see them while riding.

Rocky Harbour

Rocky Harbour is a picturesque little town with a nice hotel by the bay. After changing into people clothes, I made my way to the restaurant for a few beers and some great fish and chips. Tomorrow was going to be an early day as I needed to get to the ferry before noon.

The ride from Rocky Harbour to Port aux Basque started of as one of the coldest rides I've taking in a long long time. I had 330km to ride before noon so I got one of those as-the-sun-breaks starts. Again, I was keeping an eye out for moose and deer as these guys would be heading home after a night of food as festivities.

The first hour was the ride was fucking cold. I had my electric vest and heated grips turned all the way up and I still couldn’t keep my fingers from freezing. Even sticking my hands on the Beast's jugs didn't thaw them out! But, it wasn't raining or snowing, and I didn't see any moose or deer, so life is good.

I arrived at the ferry terminal about 30 minutes early and was told the ferry had been delayed by 3 hours! I smiled at the attendant, paid my ferry fees and parked the Beast in the moto line for the ferry. Then, I stood next to the Beast for about 30 minutes soaking up the heat of the sun – man, it felt nice!

After a warm breakfast, I changed out of my riding gear in the terminal bathroom. This place even had a shower but I figured taking a shower would be too much indulgence. After changing I was more than content to wait outside, in the sun, for the ferry to arrive.

This doesn't look like a ferry in the Pacific Northwest
Moto Trek'n to New York via the Trans Labrador Hwy, South America

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