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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
BTW, munkie, Drif10 has wired his fan to a manual override - maybe we can get him to post his method/diagram?

All it takes is a STSP (basic on/off) switch to short/close the temp sensor.

Just splice in a couple wires to the brown wires at the radiator thermo sensor. Run one to each lead of the switch. Switch "ON" closes the contact and fan comes on. Switch "OFF" and the conection is broken. Fan cuts off if the thermo switch is cool enough. Fan will only work with key on.

You can even get "spiffy" and get a lighted rocker switch or wire a up an LED so that you have a nice indicator when the fan is overriden. Although your temp guage and your ears make it pretty easy to tell when it's on or off....
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