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HSV and Riding in the 70s

Hello from another X-HSV resident and rider. My experiences are dated..
Living in SE HSV, behind Grissom High. Back in the 70s. This area had tons of trails. We would ride East from the Double Tree neighborhood. Smoke Rise didn't go much further North than Willow Brook, and the trails went from there. You could ride on top of the mountain further South/East than I ever explored I would get far south as Green Mountain, make a few laps around that like lake-park and head home, worring about gas.
Small motorcycles were all over. Kids rode Honda Mini Trails to Whitesburg Jr. High, as you could get a permit @ 14yoa for under a certain CCs.
There was a cool Motorcycle Shop on South Parkway. East side, near the location of a McDonalds today. They carried Hodaka and few similar makes. It disappeared maybe in the late 70s. KC's was the big dealer in town. They were on Govenor's Drive , just East of the Mall ( Home Depo I think is there today). They had Honda and Suzuki back then. Mid 70s another Honda Dealer popped up just off South Parkway,much further North then where KC's ended up before being bought out. They didn't last long.
Thanks for the photos...keep them coming!
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