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Originally Posted by klaviator View Post
A recent job transfer has changed my home away from home from Columbus, Ga to the Rocket City.
I worked for a couple of weeks in Decatur last summer and HIGHLY suggest the museum. It's pretty much corporate sponsored, but some of the things you see in there will blow the tech savvy guy away! Where else can you see a full size Saturn V horizontal with the stages exposed? Or walk up to a SR-71, or look at a Saturn Gyroscope?

Anyway, the BBQ was a big draw for me. We must have tried every joint within 30 miles of Decatur. I highly suggest 'the Chuckwagon' and 'the Greenbriar' if the rule of 'small, dumpy, and non-chain' are the the keys to good BBQ.

The cycle shop near Decatur looked pretty good, but I never got a chance to step in there. I would also suggest 'Bama gun and pawn' if you want to see where all the stolen tools end up in your area...and a scary group of individuals.

I enjoyed the time I spent down there and will be doing more work in Decatur sometime around June-July.
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