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Hi Woody,

I'm new to all this and I just picked up a BMW F8 that I'm trying to manage on a 29" inseam. My off road riding will be logging roads and gravel, nothing too wild. Could I get the 21" front changed over to a 19" for the better on road handling and so the bike doesn't give me such a nosebleed?
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Seeing your post I hope its appropriate for me to post here rather than separately (which I was planning to do b/c I just got a set of Woody's Wheels)...

I just mounted my Woody's Wheels 19/17 combo on my KTM 950 last Friday and absolutely LOVE them! I found Woody and Chris to be very responsive to all my telephone enquiries pre-purchase, and my most recent questions regarding 'the care and feeding' of my new wheels.

I have the Excel black rims w/Supersized Superlace tubeless Tourances - sweet setup! Handling doesn't appeared to have changed much except now with more rubber on the road she seems more grounded but certainly as responsive as before. Most notable has been at absolute dead slow speed maneuvering, she's a lot stickier, but didn't take long to get used to and figure out considering the bike is SO well balanced. Did some gravel and slimey stuff last weekend and was very please as well with how she handled. I'm heading to Alaska this up coming week so may have more comments about handling on long distance pavement - expect it to be excellent though. The few hundred km on pavement I've done so far have been great!

For those that are vertically challenged like me, the conversion to 19/17 made the most dramatic difference of all (had adjusted forks, suspension, seat, etc.) and made the bike a 'keeper'.

To sum up...they're beautiful and I love them! And it's kinda fun when people come up to look and say 'HOLY S*%#, LOOK at THOSE spokes!'. Most of my riding is long distance on pavement with some off road so having a wider choices of tires and the tubeless for repairs is really nice.

I would highly recommend Woody's Wheels to anyone that's considering them.

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