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The Borland Track

G'Day Woody, don't panic we still have the wheels, ran out of time before we left. Africa is next mate you weren't mistaken, NZ is a suck it and see for the gear. Anyway this is a ride report so let's get on with it.

The weather was such crap that we holed up for a while and acted the tourist, but the weather cleared enough for a Borland Track outing.

Let's start with some unadulterated bike porn.

The road to the start of the Borland is a nice ride in itself.

The Borland is a service road for an electricity supply line built in the 60's which happens to be a great ride and goes to the south arm of Lake Manapouri.

Up over the Borland Saddle the view is fantastic and some interesting geological stuff.. worlds largest documented land slip, millions of tons of mountain just fell into the valley the noise must have been deafening, glad it was thousands of years ago.

The road up to the saddle is easy going, after that it gets a bit more interesting.

Nice country down the other side.

Via a spot that looks down into the Grebe valley - amazing!

Until the road literally pops out onto a beach at the South Arm of Lake Manapouri.

So after a bit of bike arranging.

We were ready for the "we made it" poic.

The ride out was a corker as well, up hill is so much more fun.

And to finish off there is always time for some more bike porn....

The Nevis is next.
Cheers, Mike
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