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Oh man....sorry about that DD. You still get some BA Mo Fo Tho

Tell ya what....give you a chance to get the NEXT one:

I saw R2L's post about 5 minutes after he put it up, Amber was taking a nap so I rolled out .

I got out there and wasn't sure where it was. Roda around a few minutes and started to get worried......cause it was geting COLD!

Then......there in the a vision of CDQ wearing his favorite Carhart tighty whities I saw something:


There was evidenvce that somone had been there recently:

Man, it was a cold ride back. I've got some grip heaters installed but haven't finished wiring them up. That's NEXT on the list for sho

OK guys...this one isnt too adventuresome to get to, but you won't know you've found it till you're literally in the front yard:

A burned down cabin. Ya'll are gunna need a clue.......and I can't think of a good one so, here are some directions to get you close .

East Side of Hillsboro Rd. North of Berrys Chapel. South of Nathan Bedford Forest. GIL knows exactly where this one is at .

Happy Hunting
We gunna debitchulate you boy . . . .
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