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I don't make New Years resolutions. I didn't make one this year. I did make a resolution a couple of months ago when I relocated to Huntsville. My resolution was to stop wasting so much time, especially in regards to time that could be spent riding. I rode just under 5000 miles in 2010. Thats probably my worst total in over 20 years. At least the riding I did do was almost all really great high quality riding. Also it was almost all off road or on twisty paved roads. Still, I hardly rode unless I could go for an all day ride or longer.

I was out of town on the first so I couldn't go riding but wasted no time when I got back today. Since small scooters are designed for the urban environment, that's where I decided to go exploring today. Looking at my Huntsville map I found a couple of historical districts near downtown Huntsville. Thats on the other side of town from my apartment so I figured out a route to get there without getting on the interstate. I'm trying to hold down the speed until my scooter is fully broken in, but even when it is broken in, it will never really be a highway machine.

The ride was chilly, I don't think it made it to 40 today. When I got downtown, it was pretty deserted. Normally I try to avoid traffic but somehow it the lack of traffic made downtown seem dead. I suspect it's a different place during the week, especially when it's warmer and more people are outside. Just outside of downtown there was a neighborhood of old historical houses. I'm not an expert on houses but I was surprised to see that many of the houses were built in the 1800s. I took a few pics.

The house above was built in 1815. If I had taken this pic when it was built, the only vehicle parked out front would have been a horse drawn carriage!

This house was next door.

I rode around some. Like downtown, this area seemed pretty dead. I suspect it's much more lively when it's warmer. Add some springtime leaves and colors and it will likely have a completely different feel.

Looking down the street. Unlike many modern subdivisions, this nieghborhood was built for walking with sidewalks on both sides of the street.

I imagine that not only did the original residants use these sidewalks to go walking, but when they did they probably got the chance to see their neighbors who I can imagine relaxing on their front porches in the evenings.

I would guess that these people actually knew each other. I'll have to stop by here on some warm evening and see if the current residents still use their porches........or if they all sit isolated inside their houses watching the latest sitcom on their hi def, big screen TVs.
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