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Originally Posted by Benesesso View Post
Something I don't understand. How can a scooter with what appears to have very little torsional rigidity go fast around tight curves w/o wobbling all over?

My '72 H2 Kawa. 750 2 stroke wobbled, as did my '74 Z1, although not as much. Even my steel perimeter-framed '86 VF1000R wobbled.

My '89 Hawk GT didn't wobble at all, same for my '05 SV650 (both bikes gone now). My '88 ZX10 barely wobbles if pushed pretty hard, the Busa not at all.

I do NOT like wobbling!
I don't know how much torsional rigidity the Super 8 has but there are many factors that go into making a bike handle well. I have owned quite a few motorcycles and have had only a few problems with wobbles. I suspect the fact that the Super 8 is very light and only has 11 HP means that it doesn't have to be that stiff. I have not had the chance to really push it very hard but if you read the Cycle World article for which I posted a link, John Burns didn't seem to have any problems with wobbles either. I'm sure he pushed it pretty hard. For most of the bikes I have owned, the main limit on cornering has been ground clearance. Even my dual sport bikes with skinny dual sport tires start scraping hard parts before the tires start to slide (on dry pavement). I haven't had any problem with wobbling on any of my dual sport bikes and none of them have frame rigidity anything close to that of a modern sport bike.

I think that suspension, weight, power, tires and rider technique all have some bearing on whether a bike wobbles.
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