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Originally Posted by Brauhausbier View Post
This XR has a Mikuni Flat Slide Carb which runs ok, but I luckily have the OEM Keihin that I plan to re-jet and use.

I'm developing a long list for new parts and plan to take both the engine and suspension out to professionals for some TLC that this 16 year old XR could really use. I hope to get some time after work this week to finish taking apart the bike and then prepping and re-painting the frame.

Long Live XR's!!!
Cheer mate. One question for ya: what's with the Mikuni carb? You're saying you're replacing it? Why? AFAIK it was supposed to be an upgrade to the stock one.

If you plan on improving in addition to restoring, you might want to check on GSMark's Oil Cooler thread. He's making XR 600/XL650/NX650 oil cooler kits! From what I've seen the stuff is as good as any OEM or aftermaket part, if not better.
No bikes right now :( Used to own the best dommie in Romania and a damn-good R1100GS. Modded the hell out of both before selling them. Looking to get another bike soon.
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