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Originally Posted by Brauhausbier View Post
I've been reading plenty of material about the Mikuni Flat Slide on adv and TT which is saying that the Mikuni FS is no good and difficult to tune. I've only taken one ride at night on this XR before getting it home and torn down. I have no frame of reference really after this one ride here in the city. It ran ok, but could be much better.

I'm planning to hang on to the Mikuni for now and I'll get the OE Keihin cleaned up too. It will be easy enough to swap carbs in on this XR and compare the two when it's time.

Nice to have a thumper again and love how easy it is to get to everything. I've only been wrenching on my KTM950 the past couple of years which is very tedious at best.
Good luck with the Mikuni. I picked up the same kit from XR's only and was never able to get it to run right. It was definitely smoother just off idle (no sticking) but the Keihin ran better just about everywhere else. I've seen a slide mod thread/post somewhere about modifying the bottom of the Keihin slide to eliminate the sticking...Could be worth a shot.
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