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Temperatures in the high 40s and wall to wall sunshine. There was no way I could not go for a ride today. I have been studying my Huntsville area map. One of the dominent features on the map is the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. It is quite spread out and has several large areas. I decided to head for one large area just west of Huntsville.

Heading west, it did not take long to get away from civilization. Here's a rural gas station. Good thing my scooter gets good gas mileage, because there's none available here.

I know I just left Huntsville, but it feels like I took a wrong turn........and ended up in Kansas

It is flat farmland here.

The roads are straight, except for the occasional 90 degree curve.

The Silos make the feeling I'm in Kansas even stronger.

Wall Street? Did I take another wrong turn???

The pavement ends. Time to see how 14 inch tires work off road.

They work quite well. Actually, this dirt/gravel road is nearly as smooth as the pavement was just before it ended.

I don't get far before coming to a gate so I turn around. I ride around some. It appears that the interesting roads depicted on my map are unpaved, and gated. At least there's some trees here.

Some of the locals have gone off roading here:

But I think I'll pass.

So far I've been un-impressed with the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.

There is some muddy water.

But I have yet to see ANY Wildlife.

I was expecting ot see this:

And this:

But I took the last two pics within a couple hundred yards of my apartment. I guess nobody told this bird that there is a wildlife refuge nearby

I took one last pic on my way back. There's a new crop being grown on some of the farmland around here:

Quite a contrast from the houses I photographed yesterday.
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