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Ha Ha Ha...full throttle urban touring

Scooters are great gizmo's. When my son was road racing Aprilias in the old Aprilia Cup series, he acquired one of their 50cc scooters in Rossi colors. It was supposed to be his pitbike, but he lived in Boston where it's hard to keep a car or truck. So the little scooter became his basic transportation around town. He apparently was an 'early adopter', because MA didn't have registration for scooters then and he was stopped alot by the police because he had no plate. It took a good 5 years before Boston's finest learned about scooters. My son was about the only scooter in the city back then and it was very cool...

Today Boston is a scooter mecca. They are everywhere and even have special parking. I must say, urban scootering is not only fun, but pretty darn handy. Let me also say that those big wheels of your model is exactly what you need for urban usage. The big wheels roll the bad tarmac and grip better in the sketch. The Japanese OEM's are way behind with their little rollers.

PS: My son is retired from racing now for a couple seasons. He still has the scooter, but it's had a very hard life, even doing a stint in San Francisco. Today he is back in our fair city and do to know what he rides now? A Ural!

No blizzard stops a 2wd Ural for urban commuting. Not sure it will catch on like scooters, though.
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