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Originally Posted by Brauhausbier View Post
Thanks Luke Really think that my Mikuni is the one for 2-strokes? There are some XR's Only parts on this bike, and I was thinking this was the Mikuni FlatSlider carb kit they sell (with the custom linkage for the carb). May have to see if I can find a serial number on that carb tonight. Wierd stuff.
Yeah, XR's Only sells the 2-stroke version. The noticeable difference is that the 2T version has a single throttle cable that pulls directly on the slide like you have, and the 4T version has two cables that turn a pully/linkage thing that moves the slide. And, the 2T version costs a lot less.

There must be some sort of internal differences because they use very different sizes of jets, but I don't know what they are.
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