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I am addicted to three things. Riding is one. I won't mention the second since this a family program. The third is Ice cream I'm out of ice cream so I need to head to the store. This is what scooters are really made for. Running errands around town without using much gas. I could do this on the DR but it has almost no storage and I would need to wear a backpack.

Speaking of Gas mileage, after four fill ups, the super 8 is averaging 77 MPG with a high of 85 and low of 69.

Riding to the grocery store may not be as exciting or as much of an adventure as riding the BAM road or a trip to Ushuia, but it is something I can actually do today and still go to work tonight. My first stop is Publix.

I pick up a loaf of bread from the bakery. It fits easily under the seat next to my tool kit.

The piece of paper next to the gas cap is what I use to record and track my gas mileage. The super 8 has no trip odometer.

Next stop is Wal Mart. There is a 4 lane 55MPH road that runs straight to Wal Mart but I'm trying to avoid the higher speed roads until I have this thing fully broken in. Besides, the detour I take allows me to throw this thing around on some tight corners The extra mile I end up riding is not a big deal at 77 MPG. I really like the way the super 8 handles on tight curves. I'm talking 90 degree turns from one street to another. It has super light steering yet does not feel twitchy or unstable. The tires seem to have good grip. I can't wait to get this thing on a twisty road in the mountains. Deals Gap would be fun although something tighter would be better. Anyone know any really twisty roads near Huntsville that aren't covered with sand and salt?

I get to my next stop and find a parking spot right up front.

I get my ice cream and a few other groceries. It all easily fits in the trunk.

Then I re-trace my route back home.

OK, this was not exactly the most exciting ride on this forum or even the most exciting ride I have done. Still, I did get to go riding and I enjoyed it.

When I first started riding over 30 years ago, this type of riding was pretty exciting. I may have read about some exciting rides in the motorcycle magazines, but this is closer to what I did. Eventually, I got the chance to do more exciting riding. I have done all kinds of riding, taken some great trips, and ridden in about 40 states. The problem is, I have gotten spoiled. It has become harder to enjoy the simpler pleasures. While I can't turn back the clock 30 years, I can try to regain some of my ability to enjoy the simpler pleasures. That is one reason I got this scooter. So far it seems to be working.
I ride, Therefore I Am.

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