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Originally Posted by Mike.C View Post
Just our o2 worth having now ridden the bikes fully laden for a while - note F798's. We have the Altberg foot enlarger and one of the issues is that it sticks out in front of the foot.

The result is that when putting the stand down the front of the foot tends to dig into the dirt and for Sally it's too hard to lean the bike over to the right far enough when it's fully laden with gear.

If I was designing one it would extend the foot only to the rear (and as much as possible) and leave the front (when viewed with the foot fully down) as close to original as possible.

We also find that even on level ground the bike has a lot of weight on the stand even though the Altbergs add about 4mm height, but that could be because we have a different stand completely... not sure.
Hi Mike!

I'll have to get a better look at the F798 version...I know that originally they were mirrored imaged.

Are you implying that you would like a thicker one then in that last paragraph?

Thanks everybody for the feedback!!

Here's where it's at:

1. It will definitely be cut down in the right spot to facilitate raising and lowering the stand. That was decided about 10 seconds after installing it.

2. It's going to have a bigger footprint than the proto you've seen so far. It will be added to the rear sections where it won't cause any issue(s).

3. We're working with a "locking mechanism" so it won't disappear...except under a crash situation where it will be designed to have minimal impact on the side stand so as to not tweak it. It's a pricey solution but it's sooo coool! It'll be on proto two. Some people may want to spread it to other offending loosening bolts on their bikes.

4. Trying really hard to keep the cost down which also begs the question:
Do you want it black or is naked fine? If it's black it's going to be powder coat like our current products. Probably the fine textured version of the black.

5. Stock low version first which adds about 2mm...possibly high version after. The adjustable height "on the fly" idea that you mention RideABeam by the way is an idea that was being played around with...very hard to keep the cost in check then though. I knew exactly what you meant when I read it.
Thanks for the compliment by the way!

The next proto will be done very shortly and we'll see how it all pans out...stay tuned to the exciting side stand foot developments!

Thanks for all the great feedback so far everybody!! Keep it comin!

I'm going to get this thread moved to Vendors now since this is going ahead.

Thanks again,

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