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Lucky Dogs !

Hey Dudes !

WoW, what a thread for this trip ! You have a link to my ride report at the first of the thread (Squidventure) that I finally finished yesterday. I've breezed through what you have here and its pretty impressive. We did this trip on five separate bikes all running different tires and we all made out fine, especially at the speed we were running at times.

The main thing is to be prepared, but try not to over think it. We were lucky because the weather in late August/early September this year was fantastic. Next year maybe wet and cold ???

Making sure your bike is up to the task is key. BRAND new tires (preferably TKC's) with new tubes. Good chains and sprockets where applicable. You will need gas jugs for the Goosebay - Port Hope Simpson phase III section. CHECK your battery before departure. I didn't and that cost us 1/2 a day and we were lucky.

When you consider camping vs lodging consider this : With five of you going, it will often be not much of a price difference to go from a cabin rental vs. five separate camping sites. Also consider, like us, traveling with iPods, GPS's, laptops, cameras, helmet to helmet communicators (gotta have em) all run on power. Your not going to be charging those things up sticking them into a tree and campground power outlets can be few and do you trust leaving these high ticket items around getting charged ? Finally camping gear takes up the most space/weight on your ride. By the time I packed tent, mattress, footprint, chair, bags X 2 (didn't know how cold it would be) and cooking gear (not to mention food) your bike starts to look like a scene out of Beverly Hillbillies.

We did camp for four out of our thirteen nights. If you stay overnight at Manic 5 make sure you find the area detailed in our ride report. It was by far the best place we stayed and it was free !!! That said, knowing what I know now, I would have forgone all that extra gear and weight and stayed with lodgings. A lighter bike will be your friend once that gravel goes loose . If you chose to camp than a bug mesh is mandatory. They are so bad that it will drive you insane and I'm not kidding.

As I stated above try not to plan it out in too much detail. You are always a wipe out, mechanical failure or a slept in hangover from everything changing. We had planned on making Goosebay a two day stop over because that was roughly the 1/2 way point for us. That two day stopover coincided with the weekend and that was the best hit for us. Goosebay rocked, the bars and the people were great and I would go back just for that party alone.

The best of luck with your trip lads. I'll leave you with this video (in case you haven't seen it yet). If you can post a 170km fly by while riding one handed holding a camera on the Phase III section of the Trans-Lab than I need you all to stop in Nova Scotia and party with me and my crew.

Cheers (click on the block below)

Ride Report - SQUIDVENTURE Trans Labrador

Ride Report - SQUIDVENTURE Costa Rica

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