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DAY 1:
We strap the backpacks to the racks on the bikes and get ready to take off. The racks were pretty nice but just a little under engineered for the type of abuse they got by pretending these bikes were dirt bikes!!

The one bike wouldn't start. Hmmmmm? Foreshadowing? Then we realized the gas tank was bone dry!! We'd only ridden a short distance from Smart Motors so either someone took the gas while the bikes were on the street overnight or they were dry to start with. I suspect the latter. Anyway, our bad for not being on it. We grabbed a container and a tuk-tuk to the nearest gas station. The driver of the first tuk-tuk we hopped in was WASTED on liquor!! He'd obviously been up all night with his lips wrapped around a bottle. We had to wrestle to get him to stop and let us out. He wanted some Rupees anyway! We just hopped in another tuk-tuk and left. The drunk chased us down and slams into our new ride and pins us!

After a bunch of drunken carrying on, we flipped him a few Rupees just to be done with him, got some gas and the bike fired. What a start for the first day!! (pretty hot in Delhi as you can see from Buuurrrt's soaked shirt. Keep in mind this is like 5am in the morning!!)

Getting out of Delhi was challenging to say the least. Traffic was light at first but became super busy with very few road signs that we couldn't read anyway. We rolled through some very poor areas with little kids just crapping on the side of the road where there were literally tons of piles of crap.

We didn't have a GPS, just some maps downloaded from Google Maps. They did the trick and got us out of there. The map looks MUCH easier then when you're actually in it rolling through the madness.

After one tank of gas we stopped to fill up. My bike was low on oil, imagine that! Filled it and brought some extra knowing the reputation with the Enfields and oil consumption!

Trucks are a BIG hazard on the road. Buses as well. Lots of horn blowing and basically it's the "gross tonnage rule"; whoever's bigger has the right of way. Get used to vehicles coming at you on YOUR side of the road! So many close calls EVERY day!!

This video wasn't ours but it REALLY captures what it's like being on those roads. DANGEROUS!! (the guy ended up with only minor injuries)

Things are loose in India. You do WHATEVER works!! Trucks work pretty good for getting people around.

We were shooting for Chandigarh for the first day. It was about 250km from Delhi and we made it. Little did we know that 250km would be about the most km's that we'd go in a day!!
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