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Originally Posted by Luke View Post

There are two kinds of Mikuni TM carburetors. One type meant for two strokes, and another kind meant for four strokes. You've got a two-stroke one. It looks like different companies sell both for the XR600. Maybe that's the reason people have so much trouble tuning them. For the XR400, every company I've seen sells the four stroke version and people all love it (unless they care about fuel economy )

Oh, and you might look into getting the frame powdercoated instead of painted. OregonCoast jsut got his SL frame and some other parts powdercoated by someone in Tillamook and they look fantastic.
Luke! You rule! Thanks so much for pointing out that the Mikuni on my XR is the two stroke model TMX38!

Anyone looking for a TMX38 + Promotion Vortex Throttle + cables and housing? I'll get this FS on the Fleamarket soon.

I found a good powdercoating shop in SE Quote I have here is $200-275. Not bad.

Luckily I scored a complete throttle, housing, and cables off a 93' XR600 from Ebay this morning which looks in good shape! Luckily I still have the OE carb in the parts box (but not the OE throttle).

No time to work on the XR this weekend. Heading up to Mt Hood for some sking with a few inmates
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