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Great to meet you at the Long Beach show (and letting me help you push your S-10 up on stage!). I was very impressed with your products and attention to detail.

Your skid plate, crash bars and universal joint guard have easily made the list.

The luggage rack is also a possibility, depending on if it can be used with the 'additional' luggage rack that Wasp having the option of not using the bottom mounting bracket (where the storage cubby is) in this configuration. It would be great to have this flexibility. A storage bag for the cubby is a great idea...possibly some sort of Pelican-like storage box?

Here is the 'additional' luggage rack from Wasps thread.

I did notice the blurb about the "ADDITIONAL CARRIER" under the seat but it did not gel as to what use it would be with the rear rack sitting some 2+" higher than the (underseat) rack surface. In the same paragraph Yamaha suggests that "TO USE THE ADDITIONAL CARRIER, CONSULT A YAMAHA DEALER" (like they would know ) with out elaborating any further.

Anyway, I had the bike up on the slab tonight and was messing around with an idea (along the lines of this topic) and the penny dropped....
If you remove the two piece (silver top plate and tall black plastic) rear rack you will see a large black rubber plug as shown below:
Pillion seat is removed for clarity).

Beneath the rubber plug you will see a threaded mount similar to the two rear mounts and in the correct position to accept the direct attachment of the silver top plate.

When you bolt the silver top plate in this new found lower mount position you end up with a huge flat surface (with the pillion seat removed) that resembles the back of a one tonne Holden ute (pick up truck for you high quality multi purpose motor-vehicle starved Yanks).

And here's a pitcha...

Nice and long, flat, and level.... Providing the pillion grab handles are removed.

Regarding hard must be rugged (I would expect yours to be), be readily removable, not to wide - tucked into the body would we great, have unobtrusive mounts when the bags are not on the bike (SW-Motech like), lockable, watertight and be top or side loading with hinged lids (not clamshell!). Easy enough?

Of the bags that are out there I am currently leaning towards the MicaTech V2 bags, which others have reported as being very, very crash resistant, which cannot be said of the Trax bags.

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