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Originally Posted by Walterxr650l View Post
Why do you feel that is better than this?

Iíll take one....or two if there is some sort of discount for multiple orders.

Being in California, with these stupid nozzles the Aerostich one was a godsend. Do you NEED it, no, but it does make it a hell of a lot easier. I usually clamp the nozzle end between my legs when I put it on, making the foreskin description close to the point. This looks like it is made out of plastic, reducing the chance of scratching the tank. Also, eliminating the tines is a good idea in case you have a crash test. Iíll probably drill a hole and attach some sort of leash to reduce the chance of leaving it behind after filling up (easy to do after a long day). Great idea, hope you become rich beyond your wildest dreams.
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