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Originally Posted by Joe Motocross View Post

There was always some great place to stop for a bite to eat usually with quite friendly staff. Most places were making fresh chipati, roti, or naan breads. We ordered Dal Fry (lentils) with almost every meal. Hey Buuurrt, what else was regularly on the menu? We ate mostly vegetarian and were careful not to eat food from the street vendors right of the get go. Surprisingly, no one would get sick during the entire trip.
Those roadside mud huts make the most excellent dal fry going, the black bean one makes you fart like a trooper.

Ate at those type of places pretty much everyday for 5 weeks, including drinking the water and eating the veg 9 the vendors always boiled their water before doing anything with it). Rule of thumb we stuck to was to stop at the places with the most trucks, and check the state of the kitchen before digging in.

Not one case of the trots between 4 people

Liking the report too
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