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Ridefreak, I'm getting to that stuff. As for the battery in the airbox, I decided that I would just build a box for the subframe like on the xr650l. I know alot of ppl put it in the airbox but, I kinda of want to make it look all stock, as if Honda built it that way.
I, like your self had been looking all over the internet for some kind of write up on doing this, I saw alot of pics and video's, but no discreption of how it was done.
I should also state that the ex engine is out of a 2000 model quad. I'm not sure if they all are built alike.
I now that there were some differances between the 98 xr and 99 xr. That counter sprocket shaft is the one differance I found out 3 yrs ago. The 99 shaft is 1mm thicker, I guess that's why mine had broke, but I was running close to 13-1 compresssion.
as this write up goes on I may look you up for help on the wiring, that's my weak spot, I jsut don't have enough experiance with that, Thanks in advance for your help that I may need.
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