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With the motor in I tried to put in time. I had gotten a flywheel (ex400) off of ebay, I didn't inspect it real well when I got it. I couldn't find the timing marks. Pulled the cover off and sure enough no timing marks. It appears someone had takin alot of weight off of this thing as well as the timing marks. At first I thought cool, but then I thought if I run into trouble in the desert this well make it difficult to get right, and thenthe thought of is it still balanced. Don't want to take a chance here. Another $75 down the drain. I may try it later, but it's important to me to be able to work on it when I'm out.

I had also read that there would be clearance issues if using a TM36 pumper carb. This had me concerned, how would I make this work. I love this carb and not being able to use it is out of the question.
I got lucky.

I have little room to spare. I feel this carb was the single greatest investment on this bike. Thank god there's room.

Onward to the next step, see if she'll start.
3 kicks and she came to life, idles great bogs down when giving it throttle. I just happen to have a couple of sets of jets, And it appears I guessed right the first time.
I bet your all wondering why I would build a e-start bike and then kick it to start it.

well electrical is not my thing, all this wiring and color codes and I still need a battery.
After weeks of looking for a battery I decided on a drycell from odyssey. $140 I figured this would be the most durable and give me plenty of power to crank it over as long as I needed or run heated gear.
When the battery gets here, hopefully this week I'll build a box for it.
So back to the wiring, I had to lengthen some to be able to reach the handle bars so a splice here and a splice there, they now reach.

I found these electrical connectors at fry's electronics for pretty cheap. I know I should use water proof ones, but there expensive and I don't have a whole lot of experance with this stuff, so in the mean time these will work and maybe I'll back some silicon in the back side. I most likely will take these out later to put the proper ones in once I have everything done and have worked out all the bugs.

So now I'm waiting for the battery and a few electrical parts to come in, I'm trying to figure out where some of these wires go. It would have been easier to put the ex400 starter switch on, but it's a dirtbike and wouldn't look right having that big switch gear on the left handlebar.
So I have a run start switch off of a 650l mounted on the right handlebar and got a light switch for the left side.
While having the bike run I'm test to see which wires have power and where the others will go.
POW (Like in the batman movies), what was that.

Not sure if I had hooked this up wrong or if it arced out on the frame, I need a book. That was another $26 (from ebay) that I really didn't want to spend.
So in my quest to find a book the other day and not having any luck other than ordering online and waiting a week or so. I walked into cycle gear, they didn't have one but the nice guy (Eric) who I've gotten to know over my many yrs of shopping there said he has a factory manual he'll let me borrow as long as I need it, cool guy. He'll probably find a 20 in the pages when I return it.
So now I'm all caught up this report, it will be slow going at this point. It has taken me 2 and half months to get here.
I well most likely take any advise on electrical at this point, the book should help. I'm also still waiting on a battery and a new starter seliniod to come in.
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