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Very nice! It was a nice touch putting the big M for Motoriley on it as well.
Guess I have to be the first to officially order one then...let me know the $$.

Originally Posted by toowheels View Post
Here is the second proto of the MOD F800GS Side Stand Foot.

The size has been increased to 2.6x the original side stand foot size.
The one edge has been changed to have the least amount of impact on raising and lowering the stand. In other words the "over compensation lean" to the opposite side when raising and lowering the stand.

When the side stand is up there is a minimal amount of protrusion to the outside of the bike. Less likely to get ripped off and/or do damage to anything.

This is with the BMW centre stand. I would like to see how the SW-Motech one is shaped back there.

I'll get into the hardware locking system next...


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