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Originally Posted by pjcr12 View Post
Hey plinktonnn, if we stay up late and keep posting weird shit, we might go over the 60,000 views...
'Bizarre Austrian Composer' was the actual PR front. I believe the fan club is still run by a Mrs. Doreen Bryant? Anyway as you're fully aware t'music industry is just ten blokes ripping off ten other blokes with others standing round the edges saying they're 'in the biz, yuh?'. The clever guys are the ones out back loading the flight cases into the wrong lorry & driving off before anyone notices

But seriously, the numbers, you do know it's only you & DBD constantly refreshing don't you? That means it doesn't really count, or matter. You see I'm working under the guideline 'Nothing Cannot Be Destroyed'. If everything I try to bring to be goes wrong, then the only thing that can't go wrong is nothing* Please insert the word 'ergo' somewhere intelligent looking in that previous bit there. Also my Oppositional Defiant Disorder is leaning me towards getting banned from here. What are the criteria?

I listened to 'She' the other day while archiving shit and it made my ears bleed & soul shrivel up. The thing to do would be to land publishing sales on all that noise and let someone else be The Cunt At The Front, or singer as I think the public refer to them? Here is some research that Dr. Basement & Dr Jaxx have carried out into the reality of that business we all love to call show -

* Beyond of course the possibility of the Nothing ending up being Something by mistake, & working itself into a perverse invertion of effort/quality and success, but on such matters one can only rely on innate & concentrated hopelessness to not see you thru.

Anyway, here's a pic of the view out my window here at The Place, I really ought to get some more modern windows put in don't you think...
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