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Hey DF,

Just got back to Philadelphia. I was actually out in Orange County CA with Schuberth on Friday. Pretty cool that things seem to be going to well for them in the states so far. They have a great team.

With regard to VOX function. You are correct, the system does not DL your address book. You can speak to answer a call or speak to initiate a discussion via intercom if you are paired.

I use mine with my iPhone 4 and if I hit the Voice Command button I can speak into the speaker to say "Call Mom" etc and it will work well. I just can voice activate the voice dialing. The peripheral you are using has to be set up for voice dialing.

I actually know a lot of users of BT devices which run them through their nav units and pair their peripherals to their nav's for ease of use and connectivity - as well as having a heads up display. The SRC if you desire can be used the same way.

It seems like the Parrott has more functionality as a "brain".

I am not, however, super familiar with the your specific Parrott nor have I used it myself.

Did I answer your question? Let me know what else I can offer.


Originally Posted by dfsavgny View Post
Nice video. Presently I use the Parrott SK4800. Not an intercom which I am not too concerned. I can't seem to find the answer about the Cardo or SRC systems with regard to voice commands. From what I understand is that VOX is used to answer incoming calls or access the intercom (if paired). Is that correct?

What concerns me about both the SRC and Cardo system itself is the need to use buttons that are up around your head. The Parrot has a remote on your handlebar. Then if you press to change from radio or mp3 to phone you can use voice command to make a phone call.

Can that be done with the SRC?

The Parrot actually downloads your address book from your phone (like most new bluetooth profiles in cages) and announces who is calling. Similarly you can voice dila by saying the name in your phone book (the Parrot will ask which number if there are several for that person) and you can use voice to hang up, redail or reject an incoming call. Does the SRC system upload your phone book and give you the ability for voice dialing etc?
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