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Originally Posted by klaviator View Post
Just to the east of here are some mountains. I could see them and they were calling to me Not sure what I was thinking, I was already cold. All I needed was to go up in elevation where it would be colder. I don't always think clearly so up I went. I found a couple of my favorite signs.

Unfortunately I also found sand and salt all over the road. Nothing worse than having to go slow on some fun curves

Well, it could be worse, at least I got to get out and go for a ride. Tomorrow it's supposed to get all the way up to 50 degrees Looks like I'll have to go for another ride
Thanks for the pics! I think the first pic is the corner where I drug my first peg! On an old CB450!

I grew up in Huntsville, and still visit - just never have a bike there anymore.

Lots of good memories there just getting out on the bike and going - with no destination at all!
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