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Day 3.1

We arrive without incident into Anandpur Sahib which is a very special place to be. Known as "the holy City of Bliss," it is a holy city of the Sikhs and is one of their most important sacred places, closely linked with their religious traditions and history. The motorcycle shop is located directly across the street from the temple in the center of town and is owned by quiet little bearded Sikh man named Nattu.
From Drop Box

We pulled into his shop which was little most shops in India, a concrete strip of shops all about 100 square foot space in a line of around 10 or so shops side by side.
From 2010-09 India Enfield Trip

Nattu had plenty of business the day we rolled into town, which I think is a indication of the reliability of the Enfield. If you are going to be a mechanic in India. It would be a wise financial decision to choose to specialise in the Enfield.

Once Nattu pulled the exhaust valve cover off he knew instantly what the problem was and told us to take a seat and a cup of Chai. He could fix it.

You can see here the Valve seat has slid out of the head and is not allowing the exhaust valve to close all the way. This is the reason for the lack of compression and the slop with the push rod and rocker arm.

Nattu made a couple of phone calls and told Joe he needed to take the head and a young man as a translater back down the road to Kiratpur to have the valve seat pulled out. The machinist would then turn a new valve seat from scratch and press it back into the head.

This work took about took all most of the day and ended up costing us just 300 Rps for the machine work on the valve seat and head.

While Joe was off having this work done. I hung out with the girls at Nattu's shop, sipped Chai and just watched with the amazing life of the people around us.

People were constantly walking by headed for the temple. Some of the women were so beuatifully dressed in their colorful Saris.

This guy looked like some sort of Shaman toting a couple of his younger fallowers.

Other people showed up to have tire fixed for their automobiles. All done by hand. Look at that. The Minxter with a cup of Chai

Joe returned with the head and Nattu reused the head gasket and had the bike back together in no time. After doing all this work we were truly thankful and just wanted to settle up with Nattu and be on our way. It took Nattu a couple a minutes to come up with a figure and when he did we were just blown away. He charged us just 300 Rps for work he did total. We felt it was such a good deal and Nattu treated us so well, we did something I don't like to do in foreign countries. I say this because many Indians view Americans and foreigners as rich people who can be taken advantage of and in many situations they do every chance they get. I fear when you pay these high prices or allow yourself to be taken advantage of you are just contributing to the problem. That being said, we demanded he accept a tip of a couple hundred Rupees for his honesty and true character he showed when working with us. He reluctantly accepted the rupees and helped Joe start his bike.

We took off retracing out route up the hill and made it to the Hill Top Hotel in Swargat in heavy rain. We advanced just 10 km today. Those 10 K felt great..

I want to plug Nattu's shop in Anandpur Sahid. If you are in this area and need a good mechanic or just a good cup of Chai this is the guy. He is fair and honest. He is a soft spoken, gentle man with a big heart. He made a huge impression on our group.

Shop number 09872158128

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