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Originally Posted by LeftCoastMan View Post
Redwoods and manzanitas are protected species in California, and, believe it or not, manzanita is more protected than redwood. You actually cannot own a branch of manzanita.
Originally Posted by LeftCoastMan View Post

You can't even remove it if it's on your own property. I'm sure no one cares, but why don't you take a protected species off some land in Nevada. I'm sure they don't care either.

Just wanted to clarify the legalities associated with California Manzanita.

According to the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) there are 61 species of Manzanita in California (1).

There are only 11 species of Manzanita that grow in California that have some form of state of federal protection according to DFG (2).

So the other 50 species are not protected as rare, threatened or endangered.

Manzanita is sold throughout California and the west coast. It is readily available for purchase from many online companies based in California.

Wikipedia link with lots of information on Manzanita

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