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Thanks Flood!

So if you show up late to your special section is there any grace? Do you get disqualified, do you just have to add as much time as you showed up late to your timed special stage?

I didn't understand the tire issue with Mark Coma last year. Is it that you are not allowed to change your tires in the middle of the day or that someone gave them to him? Can you change your tires in the evening? (If not those would be some pretty amazing tires I suppose!). For "cheating to work" with the tire issue I'm guessing Coma would have had to go extra fast in the liason with enough time left over to change it before the special stage - I can't imagine the difference a fresh tire would make would make up for the time lost changing it if he changed it in the special stage...

OK last "non rule related question". Is everyone on even footing in the evening time? Is everyone sleeping in tents, or are there some guys in luxury, sound proof RV's getting massages and breathing straight oxygen while others are setting up a pup tent in the sand? Anders Green mentioned something about kicking back at the bar... is there really a bar?
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