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Chi- will definitely try to meet up somewhere north. Hopefully your GS is out of the shop (and not back in with something else). Would love to go for a ride.

Fred- I'm choked we didn't get to meet up with you in South America but as I've learn on these trips, you always seem to bump into the same people over and over. I'm sure we'll cross paths sometime soon.

This will be a different trip entirely on the way back. I expect the highs will be higher and the lows will be lower. I'll learn a lot about myself I'm sure.

Throttlemeister- Yeah, she's a cool girl. She was figuring out how to get to Carti to catch a boat and noticed I had my maps out (thanks again for the maps Darren). She was asking if I knew where she'd need to get a 4x4 taxi for the Carti road. I couldn't spit the words "I can give you a ride on my bike", fast enough! As it turns out the Carti road is closed due to flooding so her plans changed and we decided to kill a couple days in near Portobelo.

She managed to get a gig as a cook on a boat from Portobelo to Colombia. So as usual, things worked out in the end.

Vinny- Thanks for the support in the PMs. It's always great to get first hand info and I can't think of anyone that would have more useful or more current tips for riding solo in Latin America than you. You help was/is always appreciated.

I'm headed to the end of the line today at Yaviza. Darien should be amazing.

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