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My forks are in pieces on top of my workbench right now. Revalving isn't a big deal if you know what changes to make to the shim stack. Disassembly was really pretty easy.

Proper fork springs have been harder to come by than the shock spring. I tried Brad Lowe's Racing, but ended up with the wrong springs for both ends, mostly because the LC4's (especially the Adv) are the Rodney Dangerfields of the KTM world. I bought Cugino Pegaso's 80/260 rear spring, and just ordered some fork springs from Mx-Tech.

The problem with sourcing fork springs is that, even though our bikes use the same basic 4860 WP fork as the '03 and '04 EXC/MXC's, it's set up internally for a 43mm x 485mm spring, instead of the 43mm x 510 mm spring of the RFS bikes, and it's not just a swap of preload spacers. The 510's won't fit without way too much preload being put on them. The one's Mx-Tech has on the shelf are 495mm, and there is plenty of room for that. I just hope the wire diameter isn't too large.

So Meaty, go ahead, dive in, do your own respring/revalve. The only special tool needed is an inch-pound torque wrench, and I'm thinkin' I 'member you got that covered.

If you really want to be a tightwad, and have access to a torch and bench grinder, you can stiffen your own springs without spending a dime. But you can only go to about .48 kg/mm. I wanted .50's, and you can't cut the stockers enough to get there without reaching coil bind (coil bind bad). The rear spring would be a PITA because of the powder coating, and the need to machine a spacer.

Oh yeah, you'd prolly have to spend $10 on shims.

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