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Originally Posted by Roadracer_Al View Post
Ian, how does the new 690 Lynx fairing mount?

Does it utilize the OEM fairing mounting lugs, OEM holes in the lower triple, or is there drilling & tapping to do?

I have one of the "generic" Lynx fairings with HID low-beam and Halogen hi-beam, and it's a truly great setup for light, especially given how poor the OEM light is.
One of the motivating factors in creating a KTM specific Lynx, was to make the fitting of the bottom of the fairing much easier and to avoid having to drill any holes or fit some sort of bracket.

So, the bottom of the fairing locates straight onto those two threaded holes on the top of the bottom triple. In fact the bottom of the fairing is like a 'tongue', that fits under the plastic shield and on top of the triple. The plastic shield and all other OEM parts (including the indicators and speedo platform) all remain in place, which makes this instalation much more straightforward than on some Lynx versions. Not having to deal with the ignition switch also makes for an easier and quicker instal.

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