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Originally Posted by Ian B View Post
Same light options as on the other Lynx fairings ie, HID upgrade on one or both lights. The standard halogen lights are DOT approved and this is stamped on the bottom of the lenses. It not legal to change ANY bulb in a headlight, but having DOT stamped on the lamps and the fact that the lights are virtually identical to Hellas HID version, mean that it would be a difficult call to tell them apart. There has never been a problem with the law as far as I am aware and unlike some HID conversions, these remain very focused and don't throw light all over the place, blinding other drivers.

That said, the standard Halogens will be about 5 times brighter than the OEM light and be similar to the light given off by a small car. HID will up that by about 40% and be a much whiter/daylight type light.

The Hella 90mm bi-exeon will fit straight in, but each light costs nerly as much as the fairing !! $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Frankly, not really worth it.

I think I understand Are you saying the HID's are not DOT but don't really bother the oncoming drivers? Personally I'm not worried about them being DOT but I don't want to blind oncoming drivers. Could I use the HID's on the road?

Fisherman do you get flashed much on the road?

I've got the 08 with the bigger headlight and run a 130/80 watt H4 bulb with no alternator issues. (It's 130 on low and 80 on High and I mostly use low).
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