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Originally Posted by rickypanecatyl View Post
I think I understand Are you saying the HID's are not DOT but don't really bother the oncoming drivers? Personally I'm not worried about them being DOT but I don't want to blind oncoming drivers. Could I use the HID's on the road?

Fisherman do you get flashed much on the road?

I've got the 08 with the bigger headlight and run a 130/80 watt H4 bulb with no alternator issues. (It's 130 on low and 80 on High and I mostly use low).
I was running a Phoenix twin fairing (BC's fairing for the KLR, same headlights) with the HID low and I never got flashed. They are fully adjustable in the fairing and have a defined cut-off. Lot's of clean light, no lines and no scattering. Very wide beam too which is great for the sides of the road or trail and makes you more noticeable when coming up beside drivers.
They are actually very similar in look and function to the projector beam HID lights on a lot of BMW cars etc.
Yes you can use them on the road no problem

If there's anybody in Washington State looking at this fairing you can see it live (and Ian's new Mirage 2 for the F8GS) at the Vancouver Moto Show Jan. 20-23rd 2011. Booth #805 with Moto Overland.


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