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Originally Posted by ObtuseMoose View Post

Whats up with the supply line on the X-Master Buffalo boots?? I've had a pair on backorder for 5 months now at Kneedraggers.

When, if ever, can we expect to see them in the suppliers hands again? If they aren't going to materialize I'll cancel my order, get my money back and move on.

I really wanted to give them a try, but approaching half a year on backorder is becoming a bit much....

Any clues appreciated.
(*Edit: I realize technically that H2Out is an XPD brandline but functionally its a Spidi division, no?...)
Hi Moose,

yes, XPD Boots is a division of Spidi Sport Company, you can find the full range here:
XPD Boots line features the same quality of construction as Spidi range (for example, it's membrane is H2Out, same as Spidi), it's designed by the same designers, and mostly produced in Romania's factories, very close to our Vicenza Headquarter.

Regarding X-Master Buffalo, I believe it's almost impossible you will receive it cause of it's out of stock here in Italy too. I know kneedraggers guys work very well, probably in this case there's been a lack of communication between us and them on this point. My suggestion is you could evaluate this alternative:
I'm sure it's on stock now.

Don't hesitate to come back to me for additional doubts.

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