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I have cut my springs (forks) and all went well.
I'm sure if you take your time and don't over heat the springs you will be OK.
And it was my first time and it took about 4 hrs but should of taken only 2 hrs.
But I played with different size spacers, instead of doing what was
recommended. (just had to play)
With the stock spring I had static sag of 33 mm and rider sag of 64 mm,
with gear on.
I cut 3 coils off at this point to bring the spring rate up from .42 to .455.
And now I have a static sag of 33 mm and rider sag of 52 mm,
unfortunately this was measured with out all my gear on.
I did have to put a longer spacer in, I went from a 7.3 to 46 mm spacer.
Now the rate that was recommended by Race Tech was .48.
But we have found that sometimes the spring rate that you guys in the US
like, are sometimes a bit to heavy for our riding conditions.
So I will try this for a week or two before I cut any more off.
The max I can cut off is 5.8 coils. (that is with 10% safety accounted for)
And if I cut 5 coils or if you like 2 more, I will get the rate of .48.
But as you can not put the coils back on, I will take it slowly.
And will do it in two more steps so I don't over do it and have regrets.

Here is a link with a good work sheet in it to help you out,
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