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MOD F800 GS side stand foot

Here are some more details:

It seems that for side stand feet the constant loading and unloading combined with the vibration of the motorcycle leads to loosening...and loss.

We are using Disc-Lock(r) washers on ours. For those unfamiliar, these washers actually, genuinely lock. Not like Nyloc nuts or lock washers these really work!

Essentially they are two opposing washers that have corresponding ramps in them and gripping teeth on the outside. The ramps are a steeper pitch than the threads so when the bolt tries to loosen, the ramps prevent it. See the description here:

In this pic the thread is backing off (by me loosening it) and binding because of the ramps. It gets quite difficult to try to loosen it.

They use the same theories as Nord-Lock(r) who have some very interesting comparisons with other bolt "locking" options and better pics and videos.

An interesting graph of theirs:

and the good old junker test:

They also seem to be a better method than the threadlocker option as the threads of both don't have to 100% clean. Of course if you want to be 200% sure drip away!

So where's the top plate for the MOD side stand foot?

It doesn't need one!

The combined thickness of the stainless steel Disc-Lock washers is 3mm (1/8"). The strength of those with the machined counter-bore for the side stand foot and the washers (way over-sized on the proto in the pic for trying other options, but will be properly sized on the production units) prevents anything from shifting.

Furthermore the bolt head itself actually protrudes slightly over the side stand foot for more strength and support of the washers.

100% solid and secure!

Still skeptical? I was. There's no substitute for real world testing after all!

So I picked up a hammer and proceeded to hammer the outside over 50 times! Nothing bent, loosened or shifted!
You can see the marks on my side stand but not really on the foot because of the glare.

It works.

These washers are 10 times as expensive as a stainless washer, but it makes this whole thing work like no other!

So there it is we've upped the ante
...used our over-thinking ability again
...and will probably increase Disc-Lock(r)'s washer sales too and then how long until the copy cats come out?.

Patent pending?

They are going into production now (with yet a few more refinements in shape) but won't be ready to ship until after the week after the Vancouver Motorcycle Show Jan. 24th. You can however pick one up at the moto show. There is also a F798GS version for the stock side stand hot on it's heels as it's a mirrored foot.

Price will be announced next...

Thanks for checkin it out!

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