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Originally Posted by R Doug View Post
I just ordered a set of the Caponord tubeless (19/17") for my Adventure last week. I can't wait to get them.

Since I'll be reducing the size of the diameter of the rear tire by 1" and keeping the same profile tire (i.e. 150/70), I'm considering getting a new sprocket for the rear to keep revs down at speed. How many teeth should I go down on the rear? AND, does anyone have recommendations on some good aftermarket sprockets?

I'll keep my stock sprocket for when I want to change back to the 18" rear for my more gnarly plays in the dirt.

I've been running 16/45 which I put on for low-gear dirt with the big wheels mostly, and it's a kick in the pants with the 19/17 street rims! W00T! Wheelie... It does rev a little higher (duh) but no problems for touring IMO. I just got in from a 3000 mi. trip, no complaints, and no mercy on the throttle either.
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