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Made a key switch holder using that same scrap metal. I would like to make a aluminium box that well mount to the headlight assembly later. I'm trying to get the bike put together for a ride coming up in 2 weeks. I'm not to happy with the wiring. I fought with the engine run/off switch for 4 hours and still can't seem to get it to shut off with that switch. But it does shut off with the key. So after 4 hours of messing with that I went forward with the lighting and horn.
It's amazing how bright the tail light is from the stock xr stator to the 400ex 140 watt stator.
The brake light only seems to be working when you turn the lights on, I would like to wire it up differantly so that the brake light works on it's own with out lights having to be on.
I used the magic button got a high pitch squeel and then the starter motor spins, no fire. a few more attempts and the thing came to life with the majic button. Fired it up a few more times as the wiring took progress and the starter gremlin went away.

Put the chain on and wheeled it out to the street, pushed that little button and, High pitch squeel and starter motor spins freely. I went ahead and ordered a new starter clutch assembly ($134).
That's okay, I've got kick start too, 1 kick and went for a ride around the block.
Bike seems to hesitate a bit when she got warmed up, I figure I'll try jetting it in the morning. It's been a long day, I've been working on it all day and my girlfriend didn't complain at all (she was doing alot of house work). Thanks honey.

Next morning I go outside to finish up a few things. Exhaust bracket does not line up. The motor sits alittle more forward, which raises the exhaust pipe.

1/4" steel used to make the new bracket.

welded in, looks good, and works.

I figured I would start it up to let it warm up before tackeling the jetting issue and discovered I had left the choke on for last nights little ride. Bike seems to be running great, I''ll try to take it out this afternoon to see if all is good.
2 other thing I ran into in this project, with the motor sitting more forward the spark plug wrenchwouldn't fit. You could get the plug and wrench in and tighten it down but then I couldn't get the wrench back out. I ground off about 1/2 inch off the top of the socket to fix the problem.

Another thing, I should have looked into before ordering a gear shift lever. The xr's gear shift lever will not work. The stator cover comes out much further on the ex's. No problem tho, I have friend that may need this later.

The reason I decide to document this is that I've heard of ppl doing this conversion, but no one has documented it.
Also the xr is a very capable bike, and pretty much anyone who owned one in the past thought the only flaw in the bike other than it sits high was that it didn't have an e-start.
I well go back through my records and list everything that I used and the prices later.
Hopefully this well help others in doing somthing like this.
Good luck
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