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Needed to make a tool run to Harbor Freight to remove the cylinder base..I did not have any rubber mallets. Brought back a one and a two pound rubber mallet for this job (and some fresh JB weld-FlyJosh took a hammer to the fins on the cylinder while I wasn't looking and snapped off a corner. I'm going to see if I can JB weld that corner back on at some point).

Success! The two pound mallet did the trick! Found the tip on TT! Hit from underneath in an upwards motion. One good blow and that did the trick! (see the missing fin corner from Flyjosh's hammer)

Sleeve looks amazing just like the rest of the internals the motor off the frame

For the final push for tonight my wife Debbie joined me in cleaning up the frame. I hope to get the frame and a few parts into the paint shop this week

Looking ready for the paint shop

This week - get frame and parts to a paint shop (prep and powdercoat), order new 100mm JE Piston and sleeve, make an appointment at RB Designs for a re-sleve and valve job, and hopefully pick up the suspension from Promotion Suspension this week This should keep me busy.. Cheers!
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