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Honda XR650L XR600 XL600R NX650 Oil Cooler from GSMark

I am manufacturing and selling aluminum, rubber isolated, oil cooler kits for the Honda XR650L, XR600, XL600R and NX650/Dominator.
This kit is of my own design and handcrafted with the highest quality parts that I could produce and the highest quality of materials.

The Honda XR650L kit will fit the stock fuel tank with scoops, the Clarke, Acerbis, Aloop, and IMS tank as well.
It works with "big fin" heads and FMF stainless head pipes.

Frame Supported:

NX650/Dominator Version with black cooler:

Upgrade kit for the early design:
I've added an upgrade kit for the people that purchased the original oil coolers. (Thank you all)
This new guard is rubber mounted and still attaches to the frame.
This kit includes low profile oil cooler bolts, aluminum counter-sunk washers, new motor mount bolt /washer, and new guard.
This will fit the XR650L and the XR600.

I inspect and clean up the threaded bosses on each oil cooler now.
You will not have to do anything to them
(we had a few with problems on the very 1st batch).

For anyone not familiar with the evolution of this kit, they can follow the production process starting here at #34:

I have posted over 100 photos of my trials and tribulations of the building process on that thread. Many questions about this kit can be answered there.

I can answer one question right now: No, the hose does not come close to the exhaust header/pipe. This is not a issue.

Stock XR650L fuel tank with scoops. (old oil cooler guard design shown)

By-pass valve options:

The Jagg by-pass valve directs the oil away from the cooler when you are riding in lower temperatures.
It does not shut the oil off going to the cooler, but opens a passage of less resistance for the oil to travel,
thus bypassing the cooler. By-pass valves are sold separately.

__________________________________________________ _____________________________

I am now offering an emergency oil cooler by-pass repair kit.
I case of damage to your oil cooler, you can easily make a repair and continue your ride.

• A stainless steel, barbed "U" bend tube.
• Two end caps to keep junk from getting lodged in the tube while it is bouncing around in your tool bag.
• Two American made stainless steel hose clamps. The clamps are slightly smaller than the black ones supplied with the kit. They fit the oil line and are able to clamp down to 1/4 inch so you can use them for other repairs like fuel lines, etc.
• Comes in a 4 mil plastic zip-lock so you can keep the kit in your tool bag or pocket.

Price: $20.00 Including shipping in the USA.

__________________________________________________ ________________

A note to all:
I do not make motorcycle products for a living (I have a day job as a graphic artist). I am just a guy that has spent years building things in my shop for my own bikes. I have a small lathe and milling machine that I use for making parts. After showing my oil cooler design on the ADVrider forum, many people requested that I make this available. I agreed. This turned out to be a huge 6 month long undertaking. It has been on my bike since July, 2010 with no problems.
I live in Arizona (USA) and ride to work year round, sometimes in 115+ degrees Fahrenheit. I decided that an oil cooler would help my Honda XR650L. I did a lot of research online on this topic before I decided to do this project, so I cut, machined, bent, and twisted a bunch of aluminum to mount a Jagg oil cooler to my bike.
I did not take temperature measurements before and after I installed the cooler, though an inmate (Mr. Bill, thank you) using the same Jagg cooler, reported that he has a 25 degree F drop in temperature.

This kit uses a Jagg oil cooler core (Jagg part #3110).

Illustrated and detailed instructions will be provided with each kit.

Note* Bare aluminum coolers now in stock *
Choose the kit and add $15.00 for USPS Priority Mail Insured shipping in the USA. Contact me for international shipping quotes.
When ordering, please include a message with your bike model, oil cooler color.

• XR650L, XR600, XL600R …$319.00
• NX650 / Dominator......….$309.00

• XR650L/XR600 HD Upgrade Kit.....$75.00 Including shipping in the USA.
• Emergency Repair Kit..... $20.00 Including shipping in the USA.

There are two options for the Jagg by-pass valve:
• Manual by-pass........ $74.95.
• Thermostat by-pass valve......… $94.95.

You can make a PayPal payment to:
Personal check is okay.
Send a check and your shipping address to:
Mark Sutton
PO Box 25185
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
If I run out of kits, don't worry. I will make as many as I have to.

Please remember that I have a "day job" and my response to questions, orders and PMs might take longer than expected. Rest assured I will answer everybody ASAP.

This Kit Is For Closed Course Competition Use Only. Not Intended for Street Use.
This kit requires the relocation of the stock smog pump located on the left side of the engine.
I do not supply the parts to relocate the stock smog pump.
You should always check your state's laws with regard to the use of aftermarket parts.
On NX650 models, the stock tool kit will have to be removed / relocated.
This kit is sold without expressed or implied warranties, yet I am sure that I can help with any problems that you might have, short of replacing your engine. If your are not comfortable with this, please don't purchase it.

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Honda XR650L XR600 NX650 Oil Cooler Kit
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