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Originally Posted by Vicks View Post
Are you sure ? I thought they were BS12 - 12Ah batteries. 18Ah is way over kill, no ?

edit : just checked their website and found that you were indeed correct. BS12 = 12V. Sorry for that.
The more Ah the merrier when you run extra loads like heated gear & grips or you forget the GPS on when the bike is off . I'm sure a lesser Ah version would work just as well in terms of starting the bike. The Ah doesn't relate as much to starting, just longer term drawdown if your alternator is not quite keeping up. The cranking amps is what is of more concern for spinning the starter quick. You can go way overkill on cold cranking amps if the bike say only uses 200CCA peak and you get a 480CCA battery. The system can't use/doesn't need that much current. I don't know what my 990S uses peak, but the OEM Yuasa is 190CCA IIRC and the Shorai spins the bike harder and faster than the lead/acid Yuasa so I don't think I need much more.
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