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Originally Posted by burghstrom View Post
Looks like it has a hotcam already, nice! You can take the stock sleeve out to 100mm, so you don't necessarily need a new one. What's it bored to now? Is that piston stock?

keep up the good work, it's gonna be a nice ride when you finish
Yes the Hotcam looks in very good condition. I'll get my micrometer on that soon enough to verify. The piston appears to be the original 97mm (its 96.7mm).

I've been reading plenty on the subject of boring the OE sleeve out to 100mm vs re-sleeving. I'm going on the advice of Xrider and will re-sleeve for reliability and long term service. We have Ron @ RB designs who only charges $40 for a resleve or bore.

Cheers Burghstrom
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