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Originally Posted by A.Vern View Post
I think my favorite part is after Jim gets hopelessly stuck, John hits the throttle and commits his bike to the same fate...

That's a good friend

Jim, by the way, how did the low fender work out?

Carrizo Plain is the only mud I've ever been in that jammed the front tire. I was well aware this could happen, again. We were just north of 7 mile road on Soda Lake. (California Valley) This area was graded and actually shows streets on the GPS for a tract home development that never happened.

Glad to say a mud jammed front tire was not a major problem here. Just the deep mucky muck sucking the machine and our boots. John's boots were BRAND NEW, and needed a proper break in!

Without John's brawn, we'd still be there... I remember looking down at the mud and thinking it looked like frosting from a chocolate cake. A number of times I suggested taking off the mirrors, GPS, and windshield and just roll that pig over and out of there. That would have been an even muddier mess.

What was cool though was I was beat and ready to head over to Taft or Maricopa to get a room and a shower. It was after 4 pm. We probably rode into the mud a litttle after 1 pm. Then comes a text that John is already at the Pozo cut off. Reminded me of RhinoEater since my communication of a meet up spot was poor. We were seperated by the river, and keeping the other rider in sight was impossible. If one of us got stuck again . Somehow my Spot tracking was turned off too so the other riders didn't know what was going on..

The bikes were running well, considering they layed on their sides for a long time. I lost some fuel from the tank vents, my clutch master cylinder lost its fluid again, and now I have a leaky fork seal. I would guess from the feel of the bike and my clothing, I probably had an extra 75 pounds of weight on me.

We made it to Avila Hot Springs at 6 pm. Sopascat, SuperSuz, Mooseboy, and RSCe just finished checking in, and we had a then hit the Mineral Water baths. Oh so nice ! Had a movie on the screen for the family types enjoying the baths... I slept under the stars, tired but not beat.

What a day.
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