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some answers to a bunch of questions....

Originally Posted by Autodidact View Post
What everything would you need and how much will it cost to have a pair of Caponords that you can just change on under(rims, hubs, rotors, rear sprocket..)? I'm in Europe, so with taxes and customs and everything for ordering from stateside might as well buy another R with different tyres on it. It would be great to have a true tubeless setup for my R with road tires......well,the CapNord set-up has been a big hit and proven it's mettle on all surfaces,,,there's over 3 dozen out there and the unanimous consensus is they work extremely well,,,[ save for one banned and another inmate with differing view-points] FYI,,,not one in the last five years has been in for any repair,,and they do come with a one year warranty against spokes loosening /going out of true...even with no grub screws!!!

There are other techniques for sealing standard style wire wheels that have now withstood the test of time,,,for those that are the do it your selfers i have shared the technology/technique here:

,,,,or we charge for it with a one year warranty

FYI ,,,the Tubliss is rated ''dirt only'' and doesn't come in these sizes anyway

then there's the Alpina set-up,,which i have no direct experience with outside of having trued half a dozen of them

I saw a Caponord front rim on eBay for like 175 pounds=???$$$ from a used bike, though it was a silver one, so should I bother hunting down a pair from a crashed bike? I mean don't see them too often at least around here.FYI,,they only come in silver and are drilled for the oem hubs,,,they will not work as is ,,they have to be modified ,,,they are close to $1,000 for front and rear and ya have to add extra to strip and re-anodize to the color of your choice,,,FYI<<r
regarding gearing...stock is 17/ 42 most everyone automatically installs either 17/45 or 16/42 with their 21/18s,,

for the 19/17 the oem 17/42 is fine ie gives same performance as 21/18....

however,,for more spirited riding you all are on track with 16/45,, a good time /spirited/snappy performance upgrade/experience

regarding good aftermarket sprockets ,,our customers have been very satisfied with the Stealth-Supersprox units @$87 and you have a 38-52T to choose from...bling AND nice technology

mousitsas ..[.also are the capo rims significantly heavier than the excels? ]

not significantly after you add the tube and.or sealing technique,,could get you exact numbers if it's important..holler


[Since nobody asked it, can the caponord rims be laced to the standard hubs with the caponord spokes, or do we need special spokes???]

sorry neither the spokes NOR hub worked out,,,FYI,,,i have proprietary rights to the spoke set-ups,,after all i spent a ton of time figuring how to not only adapt these rims to KTM hubs ,,but also improve on the original wheels,,, when it comes time to build and true them...things aren't always as easy as the seem.

soo,,we proto-typed the wheels using the oem hubs ,,YES they have worked and no failures ,,but knowing my clientele,,i opted for a fail-safe version of the oem hubs and had em made in billet to my much beefier in critical areas specs....

with the recent price spikes,,, you are now faced with the difficult decision: ''do i spend $498 for a complete oem set up OR $499 for the complete made in usa billet assy sporting any color you would like???''


[ Anyone fitted a complete Caponord front wheel? Disc diameter is same......]

save your time ,,that was the first thing we tried

well hope that gets most of the questions out of the can pm/e-mail me or ask more questions in the vendor threads on this subject :

and the whole 19/17 set-up in general...

wish i had a dollar for every attaboy i get doing this conversion in it's many versions....
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