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Joined: Oct 2004
Location: Shawangunks
Oddometer: 26,478
Reality: '74 R60/6 frame and motor Seat/tank/rear wheel
34/11 diff
4 speed kickstart gearbox
XR650 front end (questionable year)
some absolutely kick ass friends that also know how to put this shit together

Dreams: Reinforce Frame
remove starter/charging system (!)
shave crankcase to bare minimum
lengthen driveshaft
relocate upper rear shock mounts
Bend new exhaust to route up over engine and out under seat
Raise air intakes
Retain kick ass friends throughout process (imperative)
see how close to 300lbs(dry) it can get.

Sound Like a Plan? Dunno how its going to pan out, but, uh.. its a dream I have. Actually the photos from this thread that were posted last year and such were what got me all hot and bothered. I wish I could do more of it myself, so far I'm just chucking funds at it. But what the hell. I'd only buy food or something.
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